What does an SEO company do?

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a process whereby websites are optimized in a way that is liked by search engines, such as Google. It targets users that are most likely to open your website. The information available on webpages is carefully organized to increase the quality and quantity of traffic from a search engine’s organic results. This allows them to become easily discoverable whenever searched by people.

How does an SEO company work?

By the name of it, it might seem to be a very technical mechanism, but if you hire an SEO agency skilled at what they do, it can do wonders for your business. The search engine basically analyzes various webpages on the basis of a set of formulas, and then allots rankings to these webpages. Consequently, when people use different keywords whilst searching, these pages appear in accordance with that ranking. SEO comprises of two important components; onsite and offsite optimization.

Onsite optimization concerns the basic structure of the website and its content. It consists of:

  • Identification of the most suitable keyword clusters
  • Comparison of existing content with the identified keyword clusters
  • Development of fresh content in order to target the identified keywords
  • Construction of an effective website structure

Offsite optimization deals with inbound links from other online sources. It consists of:

  • Creation of a high-quality profile along with incoming links
  • A substantial social media presence
  • Establishing links; inbound and outbound

What are the types of SEO services?

Local SEO

Local SEO services specifically cater to local businesses. For example, if you own a local restaurant and wish to increase your footfall, ideally, your website should contribute to achieving that goal. In that case, you should be seeking local SEO services.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is all about the page itself and ways to make it more search engine friendly as well as user friendly. The reason On Page SEO can play a vital role, is because although search engines look at websites as a whole, their ranking criteria is page level based. Thus, each and every page of your website demands special attention.

Content SEO

Content SEO is a subcategory of On Page SEO. It is related to the quality of the content, and carves out multiple approaches towards further improvement. Producing content that search engines can grasp and users love to consume, works as a profitable combination.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO addresses all the technical parameters that affect the visibility of a website in search engines. Its primary objective is to ensure that a website can be indexed and crawled by search engine crawlers without any complications.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is centered around promotion. It revolves around a range of promotion strategies for websites on the internet. Understandably, websites with a greater popularity rank higher on search engines than websites with limited popularity.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO, as the name suggests, focuses on SEO that is specific for mobile devices. The fact that a massive percentage of searches are done through mobile phones, is testament to the fact that desktops are no longer the only source of searches on the internet. This calls for distinct techniques to treat each device in a manner most accurate for them.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO particularly serves the E-commerce industry. It is much more complex than optimizing a blog or a corporate website and therefore requires a separate method.

How can an SEO agency benefit your business?

Increased Traffic

As it becomes more visible to users, a higher number of website visits is guaranteed.

Increased Leads

A more customized plan will lead the target audience to your website and eventually generate a greater interest in your products and services.

Increased Revenue

A rise in targeted leads strengthens the plausibility of those leads converting into paying customers which promises more profits.

Increased Brand Awareness

As more users visit your website, there will be more brand awareness. And with greater marketability you will give tough competition to you competitors.

Increased Business Growth

All of the above factors will undoubtedly help you upscale your business.

Increased Brand Equity

As your website appears at the top in search results, it will be perceived as the best in business which will in turn enhance your brand’s image.

Why choose QF Network?

With over a decade of experience in assisting businesses and brands develop, expand and manage their digital footprint we have become experts at what we do. Our team consists of creative directors, artists, animators, writers, playwrights, scientist and marketing gurus with only one mission; to promote and expand your business. What makes us unique is our client centered approach whereby we make their input a priority. We listen to their concerns, understand what they have in mind and then add in our expertise for a finished product that surpasses their expectations.

It must have been clear by now, that Search Engine Optimization does not work by a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It largely depends on the type of your business and its specific needs. Hence, it is crucial that you not only look for professionals to do it for you, but also ones who have experience besides expertise. We have been in the industry long enough to fully comprehend what kind of business requires what kind of promotion. We believe in tailoring a customized plan that will best suit your business. When you come to us you can rest assured, that all your needs will be diligently taken care of.

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