About Us

QF Network is a providential congregation of creative directors, artists, animators, writers, playwrights, scientists and marketing gurus with a single aim to ferociously promote and expand your business. In 2015, industry experts came under an umbrella to form QF Network, the one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around our Clients

Our culture is driven and our team is dedicated.

One might see marketing as a generic term; we think of it as art-an opportunity to express. It is essential for us to deliver nothing but absolutely best. When the marketplace is saturated with “wannabe” marketers sitting in their garages claiming to be gurus, we at QF Network have proven track record of successfully delivering more than 1000 projects since inception.

Our motto is to aim for greatness.

QF Network was founded to encourage the perusal of greatness thus it’s our ideology to go for the best. It is achieved by valuing and persuading every team member’s ideas and input, at every level. We always commend clients who appraise this approach. That’s why we foster a challenging and creative work environment, building long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our team is diverse.

Not many times, one can find a marketing agency where individuals who understands convertible notes, genetic engineering and Freud’s psychoanalysis works in synchronicity.

Our Awesome Team


Founder & CEO

Fuad is responsible for QF Network’s vision. He also ensures that our solutions deliver the best return on investment for our clients, both creatively and functionally. He defines our strategic direction and oversees the development and implementation of all of our services.


Administration Head

Shireen takes pride in the fact that people can count on her to finish each task, and she finds joy in making sure her team has what they need to be successful. With a keen eye to detail and a meticulous work ethic, she brings great value to QF Nework.


Sales Team Lead

Asif goes the extra mile to create solutions for QF Network’s clients that not only makes the experience better; but functions as part of our clients’ greater marketing plans and help them achieve their goals.


Sr. Finance Manager

Sameera manages the Finances at QF Network, ensuring smooth running of the company’s. She manages money wizard behind the finance system that works across multiple traditional and digital platforms for QF Network.


Management & Operations Executive

Kamran is our secret weapon. He helps with HR stuff, manages accounts payable, and keeps the office running smoothly.


Quality Control Manager

Sahar possess technical know for the quality control, development, tech design, systems integration for client engagement. She has years of experience developing and streamlining technology solutions for company that monitors and identifies quality control may day.


Creative Head

As a Creative Head, Noor manages team of designers and serves as the forefront to help fulfill companies’ branding and designing needs.


Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager, Fayyaz has experience leading technical, business, and creative teams across multiple platforms. His vast experience helps him to better understand clients’ needs, as well as partner with them towards project success.


Marketing Head

As Marketing Head, Hussain uses his experience and knowledge in branding and digital marketing to create and guide inbound marketing strategies that move the needle for QF Network’s clients.

Rahil Wazir

Lead Software Engineer

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